Saturday, March 26, 2011


    So lately I've been thinking if I want to purchase a new NintendoDS, mainly for the few newer Pokemon games that have come out. I'm a pretty big poke-nerd I would say and it's been a while since I've played a newer version of the game series. The last one I played was was ruby or sapphire and I wasn't too impressed with the game play of them so I strayed away from the games for a bit. With the recent release of the black and white versions I noticed that they had made a remake of the gold and silver versions and almost instantly wanted to pick up a copy.

    Gold and silver were one of my two favorite games of the series. When the two came out I had gotten the silver version and was glued to it for weeks and weeks trying to collect all of the Pokemon I could and get to the new legendary bird Lugia, and then of course, conquer the Elite Four. I remember that I had bought the guide book with it as well and it even came with a poster of the map that I hung up on my wall and would just look at and wonder what town I would make it to next.

    Thinking it over I think within the next few weeks I may purchase a new DS and a copy of Soul Silver. The nostalgia factor I'm predicting from getting this game is just what I need right now, haven't had a good old nostalgia moment in a while. As a fun fact here's a tattoo of mine that pretty much show's how much of a poke-nerd I am.


  1. Get White/Black first, then Soul/Heart. Play for the Pokemon, not the nostalgia!
    Silly nostalgiafag. Haha.
    I'd get a DSi XL if I were you. They're pretty awesome, and the 3DS is pretty lame. Unless you want a thumb-stick, then I'd say get the 3DS.

  2. Heart gold and soul silver are awesome!

  3. Is that a picture of you?! wow. I would get a ditto tatt on my scrotum.

  4. Go for it man. Nitendo DS is the shizz. Followed!

  5. As much as I love pokemon, I just thought you should know that Eevee is the best pokemon ever. No, I don't need a reason.
    I'm not talking about it's evolutions either. I'm saying plain, normal Eevee is awesome. Thanks and have a good day :D

    (This post was made by only looking at the tattoo and being oh so very sad)

  6. Lugiah was always my favourite...

  7. Excellent post man! Was a really interesting read! thanks for sharing!