Saturday, March 26, 2011


    So lately I've been thinking if I want to purchase a new NintendoDS, mainly for the few newer Pokemon games that have come out. I'm a pretty big poke-nerd I would say and it's been a while since I've played a newer version of the game series. The last one I played was was ruby or sapphire and I wasn't too impressed with the game play of them so I strayed away from the games for a bit. With the recent release of the black and white versions I noticed that they had made a remake of the gold and silver versions and almost instantly wanted to pick up a copy.

    Gold and silver were one of my two favorite games of the series. When the two came out I had gotten the silver version and was glued to it for weeks and weeks trying to collect all of the Pokemon I could and get to the new legendary bird Lugia, and then of course, conquer the Elite Four. I remember that I had bought the guide book with it as well and it even came with a poster of the map that I hung up on my wall and would just look at and wonder what town I would make it to next.

    Thinking it over I think within the next few weeks I may purchase a new DS and a copy of Soul Silver. The nostalgia factor I'm predicting from getting this game is just what I need right now, haven't had a good old nostalgia moment in a while. As a fun fact here's a tattoo of mine that pretty much show's how much of a poke-nerd I am.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Current Gaming

   So I've been trying out Heroes of Newearth lately to change it up from playing League of Legends, so far I find HoN to be a little challenging. The game play seams a lot more fast paced, compared to league of legends that is, and a little more quick reactions that you need to pay attention to or else you are possibly dead. I do enjoy the customizable announcer voices of HoN as well as the graphic detail they put into it. Overall I do enjoy the game and may purchase it this weekend due to it being on sale for $10 this weekend as opposed to the usual $30.

   If you're interested in buying it this weekend, feel free to click this referral link

   As for League of Legends, I enjoy the game play a lot and find the champions to be very fun to play with, a lot of different options as well as being a little slower paced then HoN. Some of the champions are just quite difficult to play against which is a little irritating, but then again that's what makes the game challenging. The graphics aren't too detailed but still look pretty nice in my opinion. Between the two games I would have to say that I prefer League of Legends between the two. If anyone has an account on league feel free to add me and we can play a game sometime, my account name is Blastoiseftw.

Haters Gonna Hate

So a few weeks I got a message from someone trying to make me feel bad about myself for absolutely no reason. I couldn't quite understand why this person felt the need to voice their negativity on me. It started to make me wonder why people feel the need to try and make themselves feel better by insulting another. I mean I do have my negative thoughts about people every now and then but I feel like it's not really necessary for you to voice them, especially out of the blue for that matter. Anyway, I left this message untouched and never cared to respond. So a week or so passes since it happened, and wouldn't you know it, while I was out the other day I see that person that sent me the message and laughed and just waved at the person and they just stared blankly at me. The dull expression on their face was pretty priceless. In short all I have to say is, haters gonna hate.